Pierric Descamps

Senior product manager


With an initial IT education, I have developed a versatile profile in the areas of product management and product strategy, with over 15 years of experience in the travel industry in both B2B and B2C.

With increasing seniority in product management, my interest has progressively been shifting from the optimisation of execution to that of strategy: where to apply relentless focus, how to organise around it, and how to link company objectives to product team goals and metrics.

I'm also passionate about data, and love extracting insights from data warehouses and simulating the possible outcomes of a potential scenario through Monte Carlo simulations.

I have experience in line management of other product managers and have a clear interest in continuing in that direction, orchestrating and supporting the work of a team of product managers and designers and owning the product vision that ties everything together.

I'm always eager to learn new skills and like working with people from various backgrounds. I have been working fully remote for over 5 years now.

Outside of work, my main areas of interest are technology (I spend a lot of time on my homelab), photography, nature, modern history and political philosophy.

Spoken languages

Native: French
Fluent: English, Spanish, Catalan, German
Basic: Italian, Mandarin, Russian


Institut national des Sciences appliquées de Lyon
Ingénieur en informatique · (2000 - 2005)

Universidad Nacional de La Plata
Student exchange, computer science · (2004 - 2005)

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Vordiplom, Computer science · (2000 - 2002)


Hurdle (Chronomics)
Senior Product Manager
March 2022 - Present

I have been leading the team responsible for B2B customer interfaces (APIs and web interfaces) and am now in charge of the core platform processing test results received from labs and making them available throughout the platform.

I have also been the line manager of an associate product manager, who has successfully become a full-fledged product manager in a short time.

Secret Escapes
Senior Product Manager
February 2018 – March 2022

I was mainly in charge of the dynamic packaging of flights and hotels. One of my main achievements in this area was the end-to-end revamp of the dynamic packaging flow, including back-end considerations around sourcing and scalability, and the front-end experience, for which a rigorous discovery and validation effort was done.

This was also a very data-enabled time, and I was able to participate in the extraction of insights for the product team by building powerful queries and simulations using data from our data warehouse. This then led me to spend some time working as product manager for the data science team in charge of recommendation algorithms, dipping my toes into machine learning and impacting key conversion metrics beyond my area of dynamic packaging.

eDreams ODIGEO
Product owner
January 2015 - February 2018

In charge of connectivity to providers of flight content (flight search results, airline ancillary products, etc.), be that GDS, other aggregators or ad hoc APIs. I learned a lot about truly agile delivery in this role, effectively managing the day-to-day of a team of 10 while applying Kanban principles.

I was a privileged point of contact for our main provider and was closely collaborating internally with the owners of the GDS and airline relationships. One key project that I led end to end was the creation of the provider-agnostic seat selection flow.

Portfolio Manager
February 2013 – January 2015

Co-ownership of a multi-million-euro initiative around mobile, crafting a vision and managing relationships with providers and customers.

Product Strategy Analyst
May 2011 – February 2013

Participation in transversal strategic studies ranging from mid-term plans to diversification opportunities, working with senior strategy consultants. Those studies supported the more execution-driven product management arm of the company with the research, modeling and insights they needed.

Product Line Manager, shopping for airlines
April 2010 – May 2011

Customer relationship and roadmap ownership in a dual business model area: a community product and custom development for large customers.

Product Manager, travel search engines and massive search solutions
March 2009 – April 2010

Associate Product Manager, shopping for airlines
February 2006 – March 2009

August 2005 - December 2005