Some people have an online presence that defines them as “developer”. Or “photographer”. Something unified, a single focus. I can’t do that, I’m not like that. I’ve decided that this page, as my main “online identity”, should reflect the multiple facets that make me, even if they’re a bit disjointed. If you’ve landed here because of a particular area of interest, just browse to the section that’s relevant to you.

A tech nerd

I play with computers. I’m a long-time Linux user, and I love hacking some dirty code together and playing with low-power servers at home.

I self-host a number of services, including this page, file clouds, home automation with burglar alarm and solar panel tracking, photography websites written from scratch with Django, network services like a DNS server or Grafana monitoring… the list goes on.

For that I use 2 ARM and 1 x86 low-power computers acting as servers. All run Docker and are configured through Ansible for quick recovery in case of hardware failure or big user mistake. One is running Proxmox, because why not? And all run nightly backups to a single restic repository that itself get synced to a remote bucket.

I like to code in Python and I’m trying to learn Rust, whenever there is time. I’ve tinkered with many other languages over the years, from assembly to C to Javascript to Ruby… to name the main ones.

It takes too many hours away from my life, but tinkering is my hobby. 🤷‍♂️

In the blog section of this site, I intend to document a few of my projects.

A photographer

I also have phases when I go away from the computers and pick up my camera. Until it’s time to edit the pictures and I sit back at the computer, of course! You can visit my (slighlty outdated) online portfolio. I like the editing just as much as the shooting. I enjoy landscape shooting as much as portrait. My typical workflow involves a mix of Capture Pro, Photoshop, Luminar and occasionally Photomatix Pro or Aurora HDR.

A product manager

I also have a job; and it’s been consistently in the area of software product management. I’ll skip the career details here and refer you to my LinkedIn profile or my online CV for the details, but in one sentence: I’m a senior product manager with 15+ years of experience in the travel and biotech industries.

A language enthusiast

I’ve always loved learning languages. I’ll confess that it was much easier when I was younger, though! I speak native French; fluent English, Spanish, Catalan; good German; basic Italian; and I have notions, but just for fun, in Mandarin Chinese and Russian. I’d love to learn Arabic, but… time…

A concerned citizen

I’m a citizen of the world. I feel very concerned about topics such as climate change and biodiversity loss. I have an interest in political philosophy and what we should do to make the world safe and just. I am, generally speaking, not very optimistic about the future, as I believe humanity is looking at the bottom of an exponential curve of trouble that it cannot even begin to comprehend. The next decade will hit us hard. I have the utmost respect for people who dedicate their time to try and make things better.